Monday, February 16, 2015

RENAISSANCE LESSON 4 (2/17) Know these things and study power point on Schoology!!


1. Who was the king of England during the Renaissance that we discussed?
2. What would the church not let him do?
3. What 2 things did he want?
4. Who was his daughter that became the queen of England?
5. How many years did she rule?
6. In what year was the Spanish Armada?
7. How many ships were in the Spanish Armada? What about the English Armada?
8. What did Sir Francis Drake do to his own ships?
9. How many languages did Queen Elizabeth speak?
10. How big was London at this time due to the walls from the Middle Ages?
11. What was William Shakespeare's Theater called?
12. What document did England's government write giving people more freedom?

1. King Henry VIII
2. Divorce his wife
3. Divorce and a son
4. Elizabeth I
5. 45
6. 1588
7. 130, 90
8. Set them on fire
9. 5
10. 1 square mile
11. Globe Theater
12. Bill of Rights

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



1. What church was the most powerful institution in Europe during the Renaissance?
2. What was the church selling that a lot thought was wrong?
3. What country was Martin Luther from?
4. What movement did he start?
5. What did he nail to the door of a church in 1517?
6. What did the pope call Martin Luther?
7. Who invented the printing press?
8. How many books were in Europe before the printing press?
9. How many books were in Europe just 50 years after the invention?
10. What was the new church called when Martin Luther left and millions followed?
11. Where did the Catholic leaders meet and make some changes to the church?

1. Roman Catholic
2. Indulgences (forgiveness for sins)
3 . Germany
4. Reformation
5. 95 Theses or statements about the church
6. Wild Boar
7. Johannes Gutenburg
8. 100,000
9. 9 million
10. Protestant
11. Trent, Italy

Thursday, February 5, 2015



1. What are the years of the Renaissance?
2. What does the word "Renaissance" mean?
3. Why is this time period called "rebirth?"
4. What is an interest in human values called?
5. Who was the poet who wanted to bring back the classics?
6. What were the rich people called that supported the artists during the Renaissance?
7. Who was the most famous patron?
8. Where was his palace?
9. What 2 famous artists did he support?
10. What 2 sculptures is Michelangelo most famous for?
11. What building did he also paint?
12. What is Leonardo DaVinci's most famous painting?
13. What else did he do besides paint?

1. 1350-1600 AD
2. Rebirth
3. Rebirth of classics, Much happier and brighter time period, rebirth in population
4. Humanism
5. Petrarch
6. Patrons
7. Lorenzo Medici
8. Florence, Italy
9. Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci
10. David and Pieta
11. Sistine Chapel
12. Mona Lisa
13. Invented