Monday, March 30, 2015

ARABIA LESSON 3 (March 30)



1. What word means "successor to the prophet?"
2. What was the large capital city that the caliphs built along the Tigris River?
3. What was at the center of Baghdad?
4. What are the 4 achievements of the caliphate?
5. What is the most common language in northern Africa and Western Asia today?


1. Caliph
2 . Baghdad
3. Mosque
4. Medicine, Math&Science, Places of worship, Literature&Music
5. Arabic

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



1. What does the word "Islam" mean?
2. What is the Muslim holy book called?
3. Muhammad was raised by his __________.
4. What city was Muhammad born in?
5. What is the temple in Mecca now dedicated to Islam?
6. Muslims believe that God talked to Muhammad and he became a __________.
7. What city did Muhammad move to?
8. What is the move called?
9. What are the basic duties that all Muslims must follow?
10. About how many Muslims are in the U.S. today?

1. Submit to the will of god
2. Quran
3. Uncle
4. Mecca
5. Kaaba
6. Prophet
7. Medina
8. Hijra
9. Five Pillars
10. 5 million



1. What part of Arabia is ideal for farming?
2. What is the desert called in the middle portion of Arabia?
3. Some parts of the Empty Quarter have not had rain for how many years (or longer)?
4. What country today is in southwestern Arabia (where many early Arabs lived)?
5. Early Arabs also lived in the north which is where what country is today?
6. What city was their capital in the north?
7. Ancient traders in Arabia traveled in camel ___________.
8. Who was the specific group of traders we talked about?
9. What does "Bedouins" mean?

1. East and west coasts
2. Empty Quarter
3. 10
4. Yemen
5 . Jordan
6. Petra
7. Caravans
8. Bedouins
9. People of the desert

Tuesday, March 10, 2015



1. What kind of monarchy did France have?
2. Who was the king of France in the late 1700's?
3. Who was his wife?
4. Know the 3 estates in France, who is in each, % population, % land, and if they had to pay taxes.
5. What 2 reasons did France run out of money during Louis' reign?
6. What was the government called that the 3rd estate formed?
7. What was their motto?
8. When is Bastille Day?
9. What type of government came next for France?
10. What type of government came three years later and caused violent protests?
11. What was it called when these protests caused thousands of deaths?
12. Who became leader of France when the Reign of Terror ended?

1. Absolute Monarchy
2. Louis XVI
3. Marie Antoinette
4. Only 3rd estate had to pay tax, see chart below for other info..... (click to make larger)

 5. Helped America in its Revolution, he built huge palace called Versailles
6. National Assembly
7. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
8. July 14, 1789
9. Constitutional Monarchy
10. Republic
11. Reign of Terror
12. Napoleon

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Revolutions Lesson 1 and 2 review questions


1. What was the first major industry of the Industrial Revolution?
2. What is textile?
3. Who invented the first textile machine?
4. What was it called?
5. What was James Hargreaves invention called (named after his wife)?
6. What were four problems faced with building a factory near a river?
7. What did James Watt greatly improve?
8. What did his steam engine use for fuel?
9. What group had to get a lot of the coal and work in awful conditions?
10. What were the 2 classes of people during the Industrial Revolution?
11. What was the new railroad called?
12. Name one bad and one good of the Industrial Revolution.

1. Textile
2. Cloth
3. John Kay
4. Flying Shuttle
5. Spinning Jenny
6. Flooding, Freezing, Drought, Pollution
7. Steam Engine
8. Coal
9. Children
10. Middle Class and Working Class
11. Iron Horse
12. Goods = New technology, new jobs/products, Iron Horse.......Bads = Child labor, crowded living, social problems between classes


1. Who discovered the heliocentric theory?
2. What is the heliocentric theory?
3. What is the geocentric theory?
4. Who invented the telescope?
5. Who proved the heliocentric theory with the telescope?
6. What country was Galileo from?
7. What country was Isaac Newton from?
8. What theory did he come up with/discover?
9. How did this help prove the heliocentric theory?
10. What is the way used now to prove scientific theories?


1. Copernicus
2. The sun is the center of our solar system
3. The earth is the center of our solar system
4. Dutch
5. Galileo
6. Italy
7. England
8. Gravity
9. Bigger object (sun) has more gravity and so must be the center of solar system
10. Scientific Method