Thursday, April 30, 2015



1.  What was the last dynasty in China?
2.  The rulers of the Qing dynasty came from what region of China?
3.  What country was trading with China during this dynasty?
4.  What was the main product the British were using to trade?
5.  Where did Sun Yatsen study?
6.  What was his national party called?
7.   Who were the retired army generals trying to take over China?
8.  Who took over the Nationalists when Sun Yatsen died?
9.  Once the warlords were defeated, who did the Nationalists fight against?
10.  Who led the Communists?
11.  Who won the first civil war?
12.  What was it called when the communists were forced to flee to outer China?
13. Who won the 2nd civil war?
14.  How many students gathered in Tian An Men Square in 1989 calling for Democracy?

1.  Qing
2.  Manchuria
3.  Britain
4.  Opium
5.  Hawaii
6.  Nationalists
7.  Warlords
8.  Chiang Kai-shek
9.  Communists
10.  Mao Zedong
11.  Nationalists
12.  Long March
13.  Communists
14.  One million



1.  Who ruled the Qin dynasty?
2.  He split the empire into ______ provinces.
3.  Shiuhangdi had farmers build the beginnings of what?
4.  How long was the great wall at first?
5.  How long is it today?
6.  What was built to protect Shihuangdi's tomb?
7.  Who was the great philosopher from China that we studied?
8.  He thought each emperor had a right to rule called what?
9.  Kublai Khan made what city the capital of China?
10.  He also expanded the _______  _______ which connects Beijing to other major cities.
11.  What was built during the Ming dynasty for the emperor and his family?

1.  Shihuangdi
2.  36
3.  Great Wall of China
4.  1500 miles
5.  over 4000 miles
6.  Clay Army
7.  Confucius
8.  Mandate of Heaven
9.  Beijing
10.  Grand Canal
11.  Forbidden City

Monday, April 27, 2015



1.  Along what river did China begin (and what is it sometimes called?)
2.  Where does China rank among other counties in size and population?
3.  Where is Outer China?
4.  What percent of China's population lives in Outer China?
5.  What is North China covered with?
6.  Most of China's _________ is in North China.
7.  South China has most of China's what?
8.  South China also has China's longest river which is what?
9.  What percent of China's land is farmable?
10.  What was the nickname of the Huang River because of the flooding?
11.  What family was the first dynasty in China?
12.  Oracle bones are bones from what animals?
13.  How many characters are in the Chinese written language today?

1.  Huang (Yellow)
2.  3rd in size, 1st in population
3.  Western China
4.  1%
5.  Loess (yellow dusty soil)
6.  Industry
7.  Population
8.  Chang
9.  12%
10.  China's Sorrow
11.  Shang
12.  Cattle or Sheep
13.  50,000

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Russia Lesson 4 (April 17)


1.  Who was the German philosopher that believed Russia should try Socialism?
2.  Who in Russia agreed with Marx's views?
3.  On what date did the Russian revolution begin?
4.  What did the markets run out of that started the problem?
5.  What did Lenin call his type of government?
6.  What did he change the name of Russia to?
7.  Who led after Lenin and what was his government called?
8.  Name 4 cruel things he did to "modernize" the country.
9.  What type of government wants all people to share economically?
10.  What type of government owns all property and businesses?
11.  What type of government has complete control and is run by a dictator?
12.  What type of government gives individuals the freedom to own property?
13.  What type of government is Russia today?

1.  Karl Marx
2.  Lenin
3.  Feb. 25, 1917
4.  Bread
5.  Communism
6.  Soviet Union
7.  Stalin, Totalitarianism
8.  Started collective farms, told factories to produce too much, killed managers who didn't produce, arrested people for religion or comments
9.  Socialism
10.  Communism
11.  Totalitarianism
12.  Capitalism
13.  Republic

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RUSSIA LESSON 3 (April 15)


1. What are the 5 main reasons for the Russian Revolution?


1. Serfs (Poor Treatment), Tsars marrying Germans, Rasputin, Tsars showing off wealth, French Revolution

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RUSSIA LESSON 2 (April 13)


1 . Who were the first known people that lived in Russia?
2.  Who did they invite to come and rule them?
3.  What did they call these people that led to the name "Russia?"
4.  Who first oppressed the Russians?
5.  What city did the Russians want to get control of to get rid of the Mongols?
6.  Who stood up to the Mongols and refused to pay taxes?
7.  Who was his grandson and is considered the first Tsar?
8.  How old was Peter the Great when he became Tsar?
9.  What did Peter want to do to Russia that means modernize?
10.  How many years did it take to build St. Petersburg?
11.  What was St. Petersburg called from 1924-1991?
12.  Where was Catherine the Great from?
13.  Her main goal was to gain ports for Russia on what?
14. What was Alexander II most important accomplishment as Tsar?


1.  Slavs
2.  Vikings
3.  The "Rus"
4.  Mongols
5.  Moscow
6.  Ivan the Great
7.  Ivan the Terrible
8.  10
9.  Westernize
10.  9
11.  Leningrad
12.  Germany
13.  Warm water
14.  Abolished serfdom