Thursday, April 30, 2015



1.  What was the last dynasty in China?
2.  The rulers of the Qing dynasty came from what region of China?
3.  What country was trading with China during this dynasty?
4.  What was the main product the British were using to trade?
5.  Where did Sun Yatsen study?
6.  What was his national party called?
7.   Who were the retired army generals trying to take over China?
8.  Who took over the Nationalists when Sun Yatsen died?
9.  Once the warlords were defeated, who did the Nationalists fight against?
10.  Who led the Communists?
11.  Who won the first civil war?
12.  What was it called when the communists were forced to flee to outer China?
13. Who won the 2nd civil war?
14.  How many students gathered in Tian An Men Square in 1989 calling for Democracy?

1.  Qing
2.  Manchuria
3.  Britain
4.  Opium
5.  Hawaii
6.  Nationalists
7.  Warlords
8.  Chiang Kai-shek
9.  Communists
10.  Mao Zedong
11.  Nationalists
12.  Long March
13.  Communists
14.  One million

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