Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RUSSIA LESSON 2 (April 13)


1 . Who were the first known people that lived in Russia?
2.  Who did they invite to come and rule them?
3.  What did they call these people that led to the name "Russia?"
4.  Who first oppressed the Russians?
5.  What city did the Russians want to get control of to get rid of the Mongols?
6.  Who stood up to the Mongols and refused to pay taxes?
7.  Who was his grandson and is considered the first Tsar?
8.  How old was Peter the Great when he became Tsar?
9.  What did Peter want to do to Russia that means modernize?
10.  How many years did it take to build St. Petersburg?
11.  What was St. Petersburg called from 1924-1991?
12.  Where was Catherine the Great from?
13.  Her main goal was to gain ports for Russia on what?
14. What was Alexander II most important accomplishment as Tsar?


1.  Slavs
2.  Vikings
3.  The "Rus"
4.  Mongols
5.  Moscow
6.  Ivan the Great
7.  Ivan the Terrible
8.  10
9.  Westernize
10.  9
11.  Leningrad
12.  Germany
13.  Warm water
14.  Abolished serfdom

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