Monday, April 27, 2015



1.  Along what river did China begin (and what is it sometimes called?)
2.  Where does China rank among other counties in size and population?
3.  Where is Outer China?
4.  What percent of China's population lives in Outer China?
5.  What is North China covered with?
6.  Most of China's _________ is in North China.
7.  South China has most of China's what?
8.  South China also has China's longest river which is what?
9.  What percent of China's land is farmable?
10.  What was the nickname of the Huang River because of the flooding?
11.  What family was the first dynasty in China?
12.  Oracle bones are bones from what animals?
13.  How many characters are in the Chinese written language today?

1.  Huang (Yellow)
2.  3rd in size, 1st in population
3.  Western China
4.  1%
5.  Loess (yellow dusty soil)
6.  Industry
7.  Population
8.  Chang
9.  12%
10.  China's Sorrow
11.  Shang
12.  Cattle or Sheep
13.  50,000

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