Thursday, April 16, 2015

Russia Lesson 4 (April 17)


1.  Who was the German philosopher that believed Russia should try Socialism?
2.  Who in Russia agreed with Marx's views?
3.  On what date did the Russian revolution begin?
4.  What did the markets run out of that started the problem?
5.  What did Lenin call his type of government?
6.  What did he change the name of Russia to?
7.  Who led after Lenin and what was his government called?
8.  Name 4 cruel things he did to "modernize" the country.
9.  What type of government wants all people to share economically?
10.  What type of government owns all property and businesses?
11.  What type of government has complete control and is run by a dictator?
12.  What type of government gives individuals the freedom to own property?
13.  What type of government is Russia today?

1.  Karl Marx
2.  Lenin
3.  Feb. 25, 1917
4.  Bread
5.  Communism
6.  Soviet Union
7.  Stalin, Totalitarianism
8.  Started collective farms, told factories to produce too much, killed managers who didn't produce, arrested people for religion or comments
9.  Socialism
10.  Communism
11.  Totalitarianism
12.  Capitalism
13.  Republic

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